Vridar has moved

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Hi Everyone,

Vridar is now moving to Vridar.org. You will need to update links and subscriptions.

Further comments on posts can be made only on the new Vridar site. All posts and earlier comments can be found there.

The Vridar blog was deactivated by its hosting company, WordPress.com, in response to my reactivation of a post that I did not realize had been taken down as a result of a reader’s complaint. I have since issued a formal counter-claim and WordPress.com has responded by contacting me to say they have reinstated this blog minus the post in dispute. That post will remain inactive pending a further response from the claimant within 14 days.

For those who are interested in understanding the adventurous details of the jowls and whats behind all this, with all its adventure, sex and gore, there is the short version by Tim Widowfield (Rising from the Ashes) and my subsequent post (What Happened to Vridar).

We have Tim to thank for getting up the new site for Vridar so quickly. Now that we have seen how insecure a controversial blog is on WordPress.com we are moving to where we have more control of our own work.

We really appreciate the fantastic support expressed by so many of our readers — including and especially from some of those with whom we have had strong disagreements.



—- One more thing:  It may look odd that we are still using “WordPress” on the new site after what I have just said. Tim explains why we are still using the WordPress open source software on the new site.



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