Leaderless Jihad

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Leaderless Jihad

Another MHR (“most highly recommended”) Podcast of a Late Night Live (LNL) program on ABC Radio National (only available online another few weeks).

Dr Marc Sageman, an expert on terrorism and counter-terrorism, uses historical analogies to argue that Islamic jihadism does have a limited shelf life. He believes that the zeal of jihadism is self-terminating and that eventually its followers will reject violence as a means of expressing discontent. Given this scenario, do we have our counter-terrorism strategy right? — blurb on the LNL Leaderless Jihad program website.

Additional links to Marc Sageman’s works:

Foreign Policy Research Institute site: Understanding Terror Networks by Marc Sageman

University of Pennsylvania Press site blurb: Understanding Terror Networks, Marc Sageman

Statement of Marc Sageman to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

Common Myths About Al-Qaida Terrorism

Marc Sageman on the global Salafi jihad

The Journal of International Security Affairs: The Normality of Global Jihadi Terrorism by Marc Sageman

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